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A Paddock Gossip about McLaren Honda 2015

A Japanese tabloid magazine, The Weekly Playboy, reports a rumor about 'McLaren Honda'. The article says that the British-Japanese squad is going to fail due to the poor performance of their new hybrid power unit (see Japanese text 2015年「マクラーレン・ホンダ」の“最強伝説”復活に暗雲? - スポーツ - ニュース|週プレNEWS[週刊プレイボーイのニュースサイト]).

I think there is several readers unfamiliar with Japanese that would like to judge 'the fact', so I will translate the article into English here. I'm quite not sure whether or not the news has reliable sources, just in case. I hope you enjoy the tabloid news from Japan.

1988 07 05 09 File0807 Slide Film McLaren MP4/4


(Original text is here (Japanese))


A British journalist said, "We know there is a considerable delay of the development of Honda engine. Everyone in the Formula 1 paddock is taking about that. McLaren has tried to solve the trouble."


"The technical regulation of the new power unit is, to be honest, too complicated for engine manufacturers. The difficulty is beyond their imagination. The reason why Mercedes could win races is that the German company farms out the development of its hybrid unit to a subsidiary of Williams. The subordinate company has provided the hybrid technology for Audi on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On the other hand, Renault and Ferrari have concerned with the in-house development and, as the result, they are struggling to recover their performance yet.", told Ta** Inoue, an ex-Formula 1 Japanese driver.


He also admitted, "I have also heard the rumor that Honda has trouble developing the engine. I believe that McLaren feels a lot of pressure. You remember the sudden resign of Martin Whitmarsh on last January. According to a rumor, the reason of his step down was that the team shoved off the responsibility onto him because he accepted the contract with Honda without obtaining the actual condition inside the Japanese company.

Do you believe the rumor? Although I wonder who is the 'British journalist', I must say it's just really enjoyable to read tabloid news.

Anyway translating Japanese to English is quite tough to me... I hope you enjoy this post and consider the future of McLaren Honda in 2015.

(C) 記事出典: 2015年「マクラーレン・ホンダ」の“最強伝説”復活に暗雲? - スポーツ - ニュース|週プレNEWS[週刊プレイボーイのニュースサイト]

(CC) 画像出典:1988 07 05 09 File0807 Slide Film McLaren MP4/4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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