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バーニー・エクレストン アゼルバイジャン 韓国 インド

アゼルバイジャンの首都バクーで、新たに2015年からF1が開催されることになった。他にもF1開催を希望している国や地域は行列を作っており、もはやF1カレンダーは飽和状態である。しかしバーニー・エクレストンによれば、アゼルバイジャンのかわりに韓国を廃止するので、問題ないという。本件を伝えた英インディペンデントのクリスチャン・シルトによる記事(Exclusive: Korean GP dropped to make way for race in Azerbaijan - Motor Racing - Sport - The Independent)に言及しながら、韓国と同じく休止中のインドGPまで議論を敷延して、米NBCのルーク・スミスが伝えている(Azerbaijan set to welcome Formula 1 in 2015; Korea scrapped | MotorSportsTalk)。

Korea International Circuit, Yeongam(영암)


The 83-year-old chief of Formula 1 first expressed an interest in holding a race – most probably the European Grand Prix – at the seaside city in March. Now, a deal has reportedly been signed, and the event will be a direct replacement for the Korean Grand Prix.


“I don’t want to go back there,” Ecclestone told The Independent. “They did a good job with the track but what they forgot to do was build all the things they wanted to build.” The circuit at Yeongam was located some 4 hours from the capital of Seoul, and plans to build a city around the complex failed to come to fruition.


The Indian Grand Prix was also dropped for 2014, but it is thought to still be in the running for an early season slot on the 2015 calendar. However, F1 will never return to Korea, and instead Ecclestone is looking to the future in Azerbaijan.




(C) 記事出典:Azerbaijan set to welcome Formula 1 in 2015; Korea scrapped | MotorSportsTalk

(CC) 画像出典:Korea International Circuit, Yeongam(영암) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!